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What affects my fuel consumption?

Many factors can have an effect on your car's fuel consumption including your driving style, traffic conditions, excess weight, roof racks, and the general condition of the car.

Is it better to open a window than use air con?

At motorway speeds the amount of aerodynamic drag caused by an open window is considerable. When you're going fast and need to cool down, use the air conditioning, otherwise at slower speeds (especially in town) you can use the windows.

What is the most fuel efficient driving style?

Try to be smooth and avoid accelerating harshly, and try to predict the traffic flow to avoid having to stop - it takes a lot more energy to get a car moving than it does to keep it moving. Even with modern stop-start systems you're still consuming energy when you start moving, and that energy ultimately has to come from the fuel.

What can I do to improve my fuel consumption?

Some of the simplest measures can make a big difference. Make sure that your tyres are at the correct pressure and are in good condition, and get your car serviced according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Don't carry heavy things around that you don't need, and try not to use the air conditioning unless you really need it.

Can coasting save fuel?

Probably not - most modern cars that have an ECU will cut the fuel supply off when you take your foot off of the accelerator when you are still in gear as the momentum of the car will keep the engine turning. If you put the car in neutral the ECU has to use fuel to keep the engine turning, and it is also considered dangerous.

Anything else I can do to save fuel?

The best way to save fuel is not to drive at all! Of course that isn't always an option, but you can try to reduce the amount you use your car either but cutting journeys or combing smaller trips into one. If you drive a large car consider changing it to something smaller and lighter or changing to a hybrid car as both will often provide significantly improved fuel economy.


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